Jussi Ontero   Mikko Myllylä   Sammy Nyman   Pete Ahonen   Taage Laiho


The idea of forming my "own" band started somewhere
in Spring `02. I was helping one of my friend to get
his musical career back to its course and I offered him
a song I made to the Burning Point ( but I guess that
the other guys in BP didn`t share my enthusiasm towards
that song so it was kind of "left" over...).
Back then I was in the middle of the Feeding the Flames
recording sessions so I kind of "forgot" the whole thing
and the next time I saw my friend he told that they had
enough songs of their own already so...
the song was "left" over again...
that poor thing was Temples of Gold.

Then it hit me , there was not going to be the third time...
I contacted one my friend who was the guitar player in
one of my hometown bands and we started demoing couple of
my songs... But suddenly he had his handfull of other "projects"
so that one died right there...

Totally frustrated of that situation I finally called
Tapsa and Jussi in the end of the year `02.
After about 5 rehearsals we had something like
12 "new" songs...
The word new is used very cautiously here because few of
these songs I`ve made years ago...
But I have "modernized" or "up to date"
them a little bit so they sound very new,
even to me! Finally in Spring `03 we had our first
demo cd ready ( called , Ghosts in the Castle)
and I started sending it all over the world.
After a few negotiations of some of the record labels
we decided to make a record deal with Sound Riot Records,
I guess that mainly because they share the
same enthusiasm towards our music as we did...

Or so i thought :(

Anyways, we hit the Tonebox Studios in late ’03 and recorded 14
songs in about 2 weeks.
Due to the unfotunate problems with the record label the release
date was postponed week after week and it was very frustrating
time for us because it seemed that the album was never going
to be released, but finally it saw the light
of day in December 2004!

Haunting Remains gained a lot of awesome reviews
all over the world and I did huge amount of interviews as well,
but again the problems with our label
escaleted to the point that we decided it was in our best interest to
left the company. That happened in late ’05.
Nevertheless a few great gigs was made
during that time ’05-’06 and hopefully
the show we did in Jalometalli Festival in 2006
(with the bands like Helloween, U.D.O. etc.)
will be released as bonus DVD to the "diehard fans" out there!

In ’06 we didn’t have a record deal,
but also we signed a new deal with the
Burning Point so, Jussi and I were busy recording
the new BP album (late 2006) and we decided
to put the Ghost Machinery aside for awhile.
After the BP recordings were done we got back to the Ghost Machinery stuff
and we decided to record a 5 track demo, Ghosts in the Castle II,
which was meant to be send to the labels.
I also formed another band during that time, Stargazery.
At that time there was also the first line-up change,
the bassist Tapsa left and in comes the new guitarist Mikko,
who was also our 2nd guitarist at the stage.
So, it was me, Jussi & Mikko continuing the story of Ghost Machinery...

It was late fall 2007 when the demo was send to the labels
and those of you who has send the demos know,
that the answers don’t come within a day or two ;=)
So, now it’s early 2008 and it was time to start
to record the next BP album and aside goes the Ghost Machinery.
Simply because we had record deal with BP and
naturally the label expect new stuff to be delivered :)
2008 went by pretty much in the studio
recording the new BP album, doing few shows etc.
We also got responses from the labels where we send the demo, they liked the
stuff very much...but they want to hear the "final" recordings.
Okay, quick check up with Jussi & Mikko and we decided that we’re going to
record the album and send the "master cd" to the labels!
Another "key points" was also the fact that
I wanted to try something different and
I started to think that we need a new singer to the band.
First name that came to my mind, that could fit the band perfectly,
was Taage Laiho, ex-Altaria & Kilpi singer.
I send him the demo and he was into it right away! What the hell,
why waste anytime so, i asked him to join us :)
Also during that time, fall ’09, out from the
pushes comes the new bassist Sami!
He recently left the cover band he was in
and was looking for something new,
something melodic yet very heavy metal! :=)
The new line-up was completed!
Late 2009 we chosed 4 songs to be as "representers" of
this new Ghost Machinery and the promo cd was send to the labels.
And what do you know, over 10 interested labels! :=)
From those over 10 we chosed 3 to the final negotiations
and from those 3 we chosed....tremolo please.....Limb Music!
The New Ghost Machinery album Out for Blood will be
released in Autumn 2010 by Limb Music
Stay tuned folks!!!

"Pete Ahonen - Ghost Machinery "