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    Reviews in English:

    itís a very good and diverse album.

    if you like your melodic metal at the same time fast and technical, you might want to give this album a try.

    bleeding.4metal.net 8/10

    www.basementbar.com 5/10

    www.basementbar.com 7/10

    melodic hard rock today
    All in all this is a great album with lot of variation and very nice songs, so check out Ghost Machinery!

    www.tartareandesire.com 5/10

    This is pure metal with excellent songs.

    The album is produced very well and it's a delight to listen to this album!!

    www.metalfanatix.com 79/100

    www.metalcentre.com 8/10

    www.nocturnalhorde.com 7/10

    www.lordsofmetal.nl 6,8/10

    www.soundofmetal.se 5/10

    www.metalstorm.net 8/10

    www.metalcrypt.com 3,25/5

    www.lordsofmetal.nl 85/100

    metaltoinfinity 83/100

    www.metalliville.com 8/10

    www.angelfire.com 4/5

    www.metalrage.com 80/100

    www.powermetal.dk 78/100

    www.metal-rules.com 4/5

    www.metal-observer.com 7/10

    www.metaluk.com 7/10

    Each song on this album most definitely deserves to be heard and not kept in the bottom of anyone's drawer.

    An impressive debut by a VERY impressive group!

    A pretty solid release from a good band out of Finland

    A good, solid slice of melodic metal..

    Haunting Remains is an album that will surely be very well received by fans of the genre...

    www.metal-invader.com 3,5/6


    Reviews in Germany:

    sleaze-metal.com 8,5/10

    www.metalgates.ch.vu 8/10

    eternitymagazin.de 5/6

    www.scream-magazine.de 5/6

    metaluniverse 8,4/10

    www.schweres-metall.de 8/10

    metal.de 7/10

    www.radio-gehacktes.de 7/10

    www.sonny1968.de 8/10

    www.metalglory.de 8,5/10

    www.adl.at 3,5/5

    www.schweres-metall.de 8/10

    www.heavyhardes.de 3/5

    Reviews in Finnish/Suomi:

    www.korroosio.fi 2,5/5

    www.imperiumi.net 7+/10

    desibeli.net 3/5

    Reviews in Swedish:

    www.getmetal.com 3/5

    Reviews in Polish:


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